Wednesday, 16 April 2014

My MAC Lipsticks & Swatches

L-R: Viva Glam V, Plumful, Twig, Dark Side,  Faux, See Sheer, Captive

The one brand that I can't fault when it comes to lipsticks is MAC. Their shade range and formulas are second to none, and I always have a mental wishlist of what colours I need next. At the moment I have 7, which I have accumulated over the course of over 2 years. Here's a rundown of each shade.

Viva Glam V is neutral brown-pink with a lustre finish. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this one. Sometimes I think it looks nice on me. Other times the amount of shimmer highlights all dry patches on my lips and it just looks awful. It looks absolutely gorgeous on others, though.

Plumful is my most used MAC lipstick. I bought it way back in November 2012 and it's the perfect medium plum-pink. Another lustre formula, it's pretty opaque with a glossier finish and sits on the lips for around 3 hours. I use this all year round.

Twig is one of the newer lipsticks in my collection. A muted brown-pink with a satin finish, it's the perfect office friendly colour. The satin finish means it's fully opaque but slightly drying, so I like to wear this with a lipgloss over the top.

I never thought I'd like a lipstick like Dark Side. It looks seriously intimidating in the bullet, but I love how it looks on the lips (I'm wearing it in my sidebar picture). Dark Side is a deep burgundy red with an amplified creme finish. It's completely opaque and applies really well - one of my favourite Winter lipsticks.

Faux was my very first lipstick from MAC. I was looking for a neutral pink that would be perfect for during the day, and this is what I came home with. Admittedly it doesn't get as much use from me as it used to, as now I find it washes me out slightly and dries out my lips due to the satin finish. I'll have to start playing with it again to see if I can make it work.

See Sheer is a coral orange with a lustre finish. My boyfriend actually picked this out for me over a year ago, and I'm pleased he did as it's not a shade I'd normally look at. The opacity of the lipstick very much depends on the pigmentation of your lips. Mine are quite pigmented, so this shows up as a darker almost red shade.

Lastly is probably my new favourite out of my MAC lipsticks, Captive. Similar in tones to Plumful, Captive is a slightly deeper and more pigmented pink, most likely due to the satin finish. I can't explain my love for this lipstick enough, it lasts for hours and looks amazing with Guerlain's Gloss d'Enfer in La Petite Robe Noire over the top.

Are there any MAC lipsticks from my collection you don't have but would love to try?

Monday, 14 April 2014

5 Blushers

When I started blogging, the first products I fell in love with were blushers. Granted, I wasn't the greatest at applying them and I often ended up with clown cheeks (I would provide you with evidence, but that would be embarrassing). Enough with the nostalgia however, I've now managed to get to grips with using blusher correctly and have accumulated quite the stash. Here's my top five picks!

I was after NARS Douceur for quite a length of time. It was often sold out online, and every time I went into a Space NK they were out of stock. I tried a local Space NK again a few months later and they were still out. Thankfully though a lovely woman in the store provided me with a free delivery code so I could order it online, and it became mine. It's a beautiful neutral blush, more brown than pink, more pink than orange and it just works. It's perfect for those that are scared of going overboard as I find you need to give the brush a swirl a few times before it picks up a lot of colour.

The Tarte Blusher in Exposed (I have mini Tarte blushers, fyi) is often deemed a dupe for Douceur. I find this leans more pink however, and it's definitely more pigmented. I would suggest going for Exposed if you fear Douceur would look slightly muddy on you.

On to my favourite blusher of all time, MAC Briar Rose. I was incredibly lucky to pick this up in a blog sale last year, and despite using it most days since, it looks untouched. It is the perfect pink blusher for me, and I really hope it's rereleased one day (hopefully in another Disney collection *wink*). 

I bought the newest blusher in my collection using my Birchbox store points, and it's the Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Colour in Lush Nectarine. This particular colour has received a huge amount of hype, and I have to say it deserves it. It's a gorgeous peachy shade with the tiniest hint of pink, and a welcome change from all of the others I own.

Last on the list is another Tarte offering, this time in the shade Thankful. This was part of the Thoughtful Treasures collection released before Christmas last year and is a lovely golden pink that really perks up the skin. Just like Exposed the pigmentation is astounding, so a light hand is needed. However if you're looking for pigmentation in your blushers, Tarte is definitely the way forward.

What are your favourite blushers?