Thursday, 26 March 2015

Holiday Lipstick Buys from Bourjois


With my trip to Florida drawing near, I'd been on the lookout for some lip products that I could take with me without risk of them melting in my bag during the day. Thankfully, I found them in the form of Bourjois' Rouge Edition Aqua Lacque and Velvet lipsticks. I was originally just going to buy a couple from the Aqua Lacque range, but Boots were offering 3 for 2 so I opted for one of the Velvet finishes too.

The Aqua Lacque lipsticks are describes as having a "mirror-like shine, intense colour and 10hr hydration." I have previously posted about the Dior Fluid Sticks, and find these very comparable. They have a slightly watery texture and feel cooling when applied to the lips, leaving a gloss like finish with the pigmentation of a lipstick. Wear time isn't all that long, maybe a couple of hours, but they're easy enough to reapply on the go due to their handbag friendly size. I have the shades 03 Brun'croyable and 04 Viens si tu Roses. The former is a brown toned red, while Viens si tu Roses leans more of a rosy pink.

I was also surprisingly impressed with the Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick. I was expecting it to be one of those matte lipsticks that dehydrate your lips and cling to dry patches you never even knew existed, but once applied it retains a smooth consistency and provides even coverage. I picked up the shade Nude-ist, which is more of a warm pink than a nude.

I can see the Aqua Lacque lipsticks becoming incredibly popular now that we're transitioning into the Spring and Summer months. They're definitely worth a try!

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Spoiling Frankie


Some of you may already know that, just after Christmas, we had to get our 15 year old dog Jessie put to sleep. It's honestly one of the worst feelings in the world. We got her from the Newcastle Cat and Dog Shelter when I was 7 years old, so she'd been with me most of my life. Frankie is 12 now and we've also had him since he was a puppy, so losing Jessie was especially awful on him. He's been spoilt rotten since, and when the lovely people over at Pet Shop Bowl offered to send him a few goodies I couldn't say no. 

He was instantly attached to the Wild Knots toy from the Kong Range. Although he proceeded to pull his eyes off within 24 hours, the rest of the toy is pretty durable, being made up of rope. His favourite thing about it though is that it contains a squeak - he absolutely loves squeaky toys!

They were also kind enough to send over a few cans of Almo Nature dog food. Frankie normally doesn't touch his food until the afternoon, but as soon as we presented him with the Almo Nature food and mixer he wolfed it down. The cans aren't the cheapest, generally being over £2 per can, but the food is made 100% from human grade materials. I'm having to order a few more of these to keep him happy!

Frankie also had the chance to try out the Hills Ideal Balance Chicken and Apple treats. I think his expression in the first photo says enough about how much he enjoys these! Again, these are made with the finest natural ingredients, with chicken being the main one. They are also free from corn, wheat and soy.

Pet Shop Bowl have such an extensive range of pet products you'd find it hard not to spoil your furry friend. I'm building up a shopping list for Frankie as I write this! 

Products c/o Pet Shop Bowl.