Friday, 23 January 2015

(More) Lush Purchases


I know I know, I buy Lush products as if there's going to be a shortage. But with the newly released Valentine's collection in stores and online, how could I resist picking up a couple of things? I did manage to restrain myself so I only left with two items though.

The one I gravitated to was the Unicorn Horn bubble bar. I mean just look at it, it's bubble bar heaven! I'm yet to use this, but I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out in the water. I'm not the fondest of the scent though, I'm not a huge lavender fan and this is pretty strong - a bit like the French Kiss bubble bar. 

The other product I picked up was the Heart Throb bubble bar. I much prefer the scent of this one, a sweet floral that doesn't kick up too strong an aroma. I'm not sure if I bought one that had been out for a while or not, but I found this one particularly hard to crumble for a bubble bar. Once in the bath though it transforms the water into a bright red with gold shimmer running through it. 

I quite fancied a bottle of the Prince Charming shower gel, but after stocking up on bottles in the Boxing Day sales I decided against it. I also chose not to buy Love Locket this year. Although it's pretty, it's pricey! I actually reviewed this one last year here, if you're interested.

Have you bought anything from the Lush Valentine's collection?

Monday, 19 January 2015

Brighter Eyes with Benefit's Puff Off

IMG_0155 IMG_0153 IMG_0154

Benefit's newest launch had me pretty excited when it arrived at my door last week. As a sufferer of chronic sinusitis, my under eye area can get pretty puffy, especially during Winter when I always seem to be stuck with a cold. Puff Off aims to eradicate puffy eyes whilst smoothing over fine lines and soothing the under eye area.

It's housed in the typical colourful and girly packaging Benefit is known for, and contains an iron-like applicator. This initially seems slightly gimmicky, however it works really well. The product, a lightweight gel/cream, is squeezed out the middle of the tip, and is applied by "ironing" it under your eyes. It feels surprisingly cooling on the skin, and the gel appears to give an instant brightening effect.

It can be used before makeup is applied, or over makeup throughout the day. I prefer using this before I apply my under eye concealer, as it acts like a sort of primer. It applies slightly easier with this underneath and it doesn't feel as drying.

Puff Off does seem to make a difference to my under eye area. Take these two photos here for example, taken in March last year, and compare it with the one below. A definite improvement, no?


While I wouldn't say this is a must have product for everyone, I'm definitely enjoying using it. I'm happy with the difference it's making to the appearance of my eyes after concealer and it's a fun product to have in my makeup bag. Puff Off will be available from 31st January and is priced at £22.50.

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