Eau La Liner in Moulin Rouge

Sleek Makeup Eau La La Liner in Moulin Rouge - £3.99 from Superdrug

I've been pining after the Sleek "Rose Gold" blusher for a while now, but whenever I go into Superdrug, they don't have it in stock. However, they did have quite a few of the Eau La La Liners. I planned on buying two of these, Moulin Rouge (pictured above) and Lingerie, but they only had the former. Now, I'm not a big wearer of red lipstick, unless I'm just playing around with makeup in my bedroom. But I seen this on Vivianna's blog and was convinced I had to have it. 

The Eau La La liners come in a variety of different shades, and the intention is that you can use them on your eyes, lips, brows and body. They're very easy to apply considering they're in a pencil form, making little details less of a hassle.

But what wowed me most about them was how pigmented they are. At £3.99 it really is a steal, and you definitely get what you pay for. Although I'm not actually as pale skinned (dodgy white balance!) as I look in the image above, this particular shade could work on both lighter and darker skins.

I found that this wasn't drying on the lips at all, but it took me a while to become familiarised with the feel of the product on my lips. I don't know whether this is due to the liner being smudgeproof and waterproof but for me, I found it an odd sensation having the product stay put on my lips, rather than being able to smooth it around.

Have you tried any of the Eau La La Liners? 


  1. I never knew that Sleek done lip liners. I do the same thing, I have some bright lipstick, which I normally use to play around with make-up looks. I might try this as I don't have any red lipstick. x

    1. It's definitely worth the money if you don't have any red lipstick and want to try it x

  2. i love bright, colourful lips :)


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