Bomb Cosmetics Mellow Marshmallow

Sweetly scented of warm Marshmallow and with a heart of Ylang Ylang and Magnolia essential oils to relax and sooth, enjoy the luxurious lather upon your skin leaving you silky smooth.

I've seen Bomb Cosmetics products quite a few times, not so much in stores but when I've been browsing around the Amazon website. Their products remind me of Lush products, but slightly more purse friendly, but I'd never actually considered them until a recent trip to town led me into Fenwick, where I ended up spying the products on their own little table. They are very aesthetically pleasing, and you can imagine the work that has gone into creating them when browsing through their entire range. Fenwick Newcastle only offered a few of their soaps and bath creamers, but they were attractive enough to make me stop and investigate. I was initially going to buy a box of their bath creamers, which you could choose and pack accordingly, but I thought the price of the soaps was incredibly reasonable and settled on this one.

They do an incredible range on their website (the Foaming Fudge soap sounds like heaven!) varying from bath products to skin care to candles.

I tend to use soaps more when washing my hands rather than on my body, but this soap lathers really well, and has a very pleasant fragrance. However I have used it on my body, and it left my skin feeling soft and nourished. I'm very tempted to check out some of their other products, they're all cute, colourful, animal friendly, good for your skin and they're all hand made and natural.

They also do some amazing looking gift sets, brilliant if you have any special occasions coming up!

Have you ever tried any Bomb Cosmetics products?


  1. I might try to the Bomb soaps too. I've never really felt like the Lush soaps are worth the price, as after all they are just a bar of soap but this looks like a cheaper alternative! Thank you for sharing x

    1. They are pretty expensive, and I find the Lush soaps don't last very long either? They do some great soaps, very colourful! x


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