Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover (finally!)

When I first seen a review for this, I thought "Ha! Really? A nail varnish remover that scrubs your nails clean in one second?!" and admittedly I scrolled past it because it all sounded a little bit ludicrous. But then review after review popped up and I just couldn't ignore it any longer. 

I've been checking in my local Boots store for the past few weeks, but it doesn't seem like they stock it, and after browsing through the Metrocentre store with unsuccessful results, I thought I'd never get my hands on it. Until I was in Newcastle's Eldon Square store today, when I spotted the last one and snapped it up instantly. Success!

This may just be my own stupidity, but just because the bottle says it smells of berries and vanilla, it doesn't mean stick your nose in the bottle and take a whiff (big mistake!). Anyway, I got myself home with the disappointment that it didn't smell as good as it claimed, and put it to the test. 

I was actually amazed at how quick it was in removing the polish I was wearing! You can easily remove all the polish on both hands within a minute or less. At this point, I was still confused as to where the whole berry scented idea came from, but after having a sniff at my fingers post-polish removing it turns out that that's when the scent comes out (I feel incredibly stupid now). The product contains almond oil, so not only does it take your polish off in seconds and make your hands smell nice, your nails and cuticles actually get some nourishing too.

I wouldn't hesitate to buy this again, it makes the task of removing nail polish so much easier and I think it has inspired me to begin using nail polish more often!

Have you tried this nail polish remover yet? Do you think it has lived up to the hype?


  1. Hey girlie! Cute post :))

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    Belle De Jour

  2. ive seen the nail vanish remover on a few blogs but its sold out everywhere!
    lovely blog

    Em xoxo

  3. I'm so desperate to get my hands on this stuff xx


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