Magazine Freebies

InStyle Magazine and Glamour Magazine 

Ever since I missed the free Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish with Red Magazine, I've been constantly checking the magazine stands to see if there's any good freebies up for grabs. A few years back I was a complete magazine hoarder. I'm talking hundreds of magazines. But I haven't bought any recently, and these freebies enticed me back in.

With this months (June Issue) InStyle magazine, there is a choice of three different Nails Inc. polishes up for grabs. Bargain, considering they're worth £11. The three colours have been designed exclusively for InStyle magazine, too. I picked up the colour Peach Sorbet, pictured below.

The other two colours available are Power Pink and Bluebell.

Another freebie comes with Glamour magazine. With Glamour, you get a pretty decent sample from L'Occitane. I picked up the 20ml Angelica Hydration Creme, as when I bought my shower oil I received a tiny packet sample which didn't last very long but felt really good on my skin. I'm not sure if I could part with my money for the full size, though. There are again, three choices with Glamour. You can pick up the 20ml Angelica Hydration Cream (worth £14), the 50ml Angelica Cleansing Gel or the 50ml Angelica Face Toner (both worth £10). As I'm sure Glamour is only priced at £2, it's definitely worth picking up!


  1. I've always really liked L'occitane. Would be interested to try the hydration cream!

    1. It does a really nice job but I just couldn't pay £14 for such a tiny tube of product!

  2. Could there be anything better than free makeup products?? The Peach Sorbet nail colour looks gorgeous! Great blog btw :)

  3. I love the german Instyle, great magazine :)
    Wonderful nail lacquer colour.

    Ina :*

  4. Love your header! That nail polish is a cute color too! Would love if you checked out my blog and followed back! xoxo

  5. Waah your blog is so cute lady! :)
    Must leg it out and buy these mags asap :P
    Hope youre having a nice week! xx

  6. i love nails inc polishess!

    following ur blog sweet:)

    wud love if u cud check mine out


  7. awww, i bought the instyle magazine too but i picked up the blue colour instead :)
    Can't wait to use mine! I was so tempted to pick the peach sorbet shade, but i thought that i had so many colours so similar~
    Thanks for sharing~x

  8. The sad part of it all is that I subscribe to InStyle but I never get the freebies with it!!! :(

    Really cute colour for the nail polish!



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