Topshop Prim and Proper

Hello! Please excuse my absence for the past few days, I've had a bit of a trip away to Alton Towers with my boyfriend, thanks to the two free tickets The Sun newspaper provided us with earlier in the year! We stayed at a lovely B&B for two nights and spent two days in the park, and it only cost us around £60 each. Anyway, we just got back this afternoon, and I popped into Topshop and Boots for a few things. 

I had originally planned to pick up the "Barefoot" nail polish, but putting it against my hands I didn't think it would suit my skin tone very well, and this ended up catching my eye. I have tried one makeup product from  Topshop before, the lipstick pencil in "Coy," but I've heard good things about their polishes.

I love the colour of this polish, it's a lovely baby pink shade and was pretty impressed with the application, one coat seems to do the job and isn't transparent in the slightest! As you can probably tell from the first picture, I tend to neglect my nails when I'm wearing polish because I just slap the colour on and leave it at that, no fancy base coats or top coats so it ends up wearing pretty short. Time will tell how long this will last on me!

The consistency feels pretty creamy, and leaves a really smooth finish. I also love the packaging of Topshop products, obviously they're not high end but I think it's cute and they're definitely sturdy! 

Do you have any other Topshop nail polish recommendations? I'd love to try a few more!


  1. Lovely colour, I was planning to pick up some Topshop nail polishes tomorrow. x

  2. This nail polish colour is such a pretty colour, great post :) I hope you will follow my blog :)


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  4. nice color!

  5. Beautiful color!!! nice blog!!
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  6. Really lovely colour, i've heard some good things about topshop nail polishes xx

  7. had my eye on this colour for a while. it's such a pretty colour :) x

  8. Love this colour. Ive just popped a post up about this one too. Great review:)


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