Models Own "Ibiza Mix"

Hi everyone! If you didn't know, a couple of weeks ago I deleted this blog. At the time I thought I didn't really like blogging and preferred to be more of a spectator. But I've realised that I do actually enjoy it, and although I don't have the time to blog every day, it's definitely something I'd like to keep up.

Anyway, a week ago I decided to jump on the bandwagon and purchase the Models Own "Ibiza Mix" polish. I understand you've probably seen loads of reviews on this, but I couldn't believe how pretty it looked over pretty much any colour and had to have it (shown above over Nails Inc. Cadogan Square). I tend to have a love-hate relationship with glitter polishes, as I think they look gorgeous but I hate how long it takes to remove them - I won't lie, this is no exception to that. What I've found with this though, is that it tends to wear for quite a long time, but when it chips it looks very messy. 

Application is simple enough - one coat is alright, but I like to use two to add more glitter to the nails. I am most likely to be using this over every nail colour of mine in the coming weeks (I wore it over Models Own "Bloo Bloo" last week) and I'll be really disappointed when they stop selling it! 

For £5 you get a massive 14ml bottle, and if you've been eyeing it up I would highly recommend you go out and get it! I've been really impressed with Models Own polishes so far, so there's no doubt I'll be picking up more in future!

Do you own this polish? If you do, what's your favourite colour to use it over?


  1. I have this nail polish from when i purchased the whole set but i haven't got round to using it yet because i just hate removing glitter nail polishes and i am scared that it will damage my nails. It does look amazing in the image you posted so maybe i will put it on soon when i have time. I think it would look really good on black or navy blue nail polishes :) Thanks for sharing and yes blogging is very enjoyable when you get into it hehe xxx

    1. I really hate removing them too, it's such a nightmare! I wouldn't suggest using it all the time since I'm sure it would damage them, but it's nice as a treat :) xx

  2. I wondered where you'd gone! So glad you're back.
    Love this polish, the colours are beautiful.
    It looks lovely over the nude colour!
    Welcome back xoxo

  3. Welcome back :)

  4. Welcome back! I'm itching to get this polish it looks gorgeous x


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