Trafficked: My Story by Sophie Hayes

Human trafficking is an issue a lot of people don't give much thought to. Admittedly, I didn't before reading this book. It's not an issue that has a large public profile. But it is a big issue that affects many. It could happen to anyone. And it did, to a young woman named Sophie.

Trafficked: My Story is a true account of the horrific experience that unfolded after Sophie's best friend of four years invited her to Italy to visit him. It was 3 nights in to her visit when his personality changed completely and, after a botched drug deal cost him 100,000euro he forced her into prostituting the streets. 

This alone was terrifying to read to say the least. But it wasn't just working the streets that made the ordeal despicable - if Sophie had made the most minuscule of mistakes, she would endure an inhuman amount of violence from her trafficker. The book isn't gory in terms of the description of the violence she endured, but it makes it no less powerful. I sympathised with Sophie throughout the entire book, and found myself terrified for her safety during certain situations, especially one instance in which her trafficker gave her the option of being stuck with a knife or beaten with a broom stick.

Family is a reoccurring theme in this book. In fact, one of the reasons that Sophie did not "betray and disrespect" her trafficker is because of the constant threat that her youngest brothers would end up dead, and  one thing that gives me a huge amount of respect and admiration for Sophie is that her love for her family and her want to keep them safe was more powerful than the brutality of the man who forced her into this lifestyle. 

By no means this book is a piece of classic literature, and I can completely understand why Sophie would not want to describe her attacks in detail, but there is no reason why you should give this book a miss. The book has an extremely important message, and will definitely make you 10x more aware of  how deadly serious the issue of human trafficking is. 


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