Montagne Jeunesse Glacial Clay Spa Mask

Montagne Jeunesse is a brand that I've noticed countless times in ASDA, but haven't ever picked up. I was never that big a fan of face masks prior to reading blogs and blogging myself, but I really enjoy using them to perk up my skin. 

So last week when I heard Montagne Jeunesse were giving away samples of their new range, mud clay spa fabric face masks, I jumped at the chance and signed myself up straight away. They offer two masks in this range, the Glacial Clay Spa mask and the Dead Sea Mud Spa mask, and I was sent the Glacial Clay Spa mask after answering a series of questions about my skin.

Something that's enticed me to buy again is the fact that they are vegetarian friendly, are against testing on animals, contain natural ingredients and are incredibly affordable.

When I opened the mask, I knew it was going to be a messy job. The mask itself was folded and I fiddled on for quite a while before I managed to unfold it. Then it came to slapping the mask on my face - it was pretty big, which I'm sure will be the case with many people, but it can be helped by smoothing it down properly and down onto your neck slightly. I found it to be soft against the skin and non-drying, something I can have problems with. 

The scent of this is lovely, it doesn't smell at all synthetic and feels impressively refreshing, cooling and soothing the skin. This particular mask is suited for combination, normal and oily skin, and contains ingredients such as arctic cloudberry and red grape, and retail for £1.49 on the Montagne Juenesse website, or in ASDA and Boots.

Are you big fans of Montagne Jeunesse? What's your favourite product from them? I'm loving their pore strips!


  1. Desperately need to get myself a face mask, my skins in such bad condition haha! I do like the Montagne Jeunesse ones though, not too expensive and seem to work pretty well - just need to go out and grab one! :)

    Rhiannon xx

  2. I can't use these facemasks as they irritate my skin :( I love the smell on them though and I have heard some brilliant things about them. Im hoping that they may one day bring a mask out in their range for sensitive skin! x

  3. I also had this mask, and the other one and I love the Dead Sea Spa mask much more better than this one. x

  4. I love their face masks, I have a heap in my bathroom. They are so cheap, yet so effective. x

  5. I keep seeing these and am always tempted to pick one up! Sounds lovely so I'll defintely try it out! xx

  6. These are the face masks I always pick up if I'm going to have a pamper day (: I think I prefer these to the traditional ones too because they're slightly less messy! xx

  7. That sounds lovely!
    I love your layout!

    - andrealamode
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