disneyland paris (part 2).

I thought I'd post some more photos from our trip to Disneyland. I forgot to mention in my other post that while we were there, we witnessed possibly one of the most adorable things I've ever seen in my life. A little girl around 3 years old dressed as Cinderella, walking up to a little boy approximately the same age and planting a kiss on him, so cute! 

View of Paris from the plane, I was a little bit in love with this. Posting all of these photos makes me want to go back so badly, and I haven't even been home for two weeks! 


  1. Oh I love Disneyland Paris so much, I've been five times (although I haven't been for a good few years now) but could never get bored of it!
    Looks like you had a brilliant time :)
    Kaz x

    1. This was my fifth time there, although before April this year my last visit was when I was 10! I could actually live there, it's gorgeous! x

  2. Amazing photos. Wished I was there!

    Love your blog. Definitely following. x

  3. Oh my goodness, that does sound cute with the little girl! Was the little boy dressed as a prince? :)


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