first attempt at nail art.

I recently bought myself a nail art pen after becoming obsessed with nail blogs and the stunning designs that people have come up with. So in the midst of last week, I made my first proper attempt at leopard nails, and thought I'd show you. I used China Glaze Fast Track as the base, and it's one of my favourite shimmery polishes in regards to how subtle and wearable it is.

It's not the most fabulous of nail art, I know - and I did ruin it by using a top coat over it too quickly (hence the smudging) but I thought I did an alright job for a first attempt!

If anyone has any nail art tips they'd like to share with me, that would be fab!


  1. love the nails!
    I'm a new follower and a fan :)

  2. Wow looks amazing, can't believe it's your first attempt!


    1. Thanks Abigail, I have to admit it took me ages though! Guess I just need a bit more practice haha xx


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