my new toy.

I have needed a new laptop for a very long time now. After my old laptop broke, I was using my parents' and it really wasn't all too fair to them cluttering it up with Photoshop and all of my media baggage. So when Lewis' mam got a new laptop, I started using her old laptop. Which also happened to be Lewis' previous laptop before he got his MacBook Pro. I think it's about 6 years old now, and was starting to become painstakingly slow. Now when you have 30+GB of photos it becomes a bit of a nightmare.

So I bought this shiny pretty thing. I'll admit it takes quite a bit of adjusting despite having experience with them, but I love it. It's sleek, fast and is great at doing exactly what I need it to do. And blogging is so much easier!


  1. Welcome to the Macbook Pro club! I've had mine for 6 months now and love it, although it was hard for my to get used to it being so lightweight and easy to damage.
    I was used to laptops like bricks!

    1. When I was having a play with it in store I thought "Wow this is actually pretty heavy for a small laptop" but it's actually unbelievably lightweight compared to my other one! x

  2. I love the ease of MacBooks and i personally prefer the interface compared with windows :) It is also very stylish too hehe~ Hope you are enjoying using it so far :)



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