Spending Ban Update #4

Four weeks down, and it's been a relatively unexciting week for me. For the most part I've just stayed in the house with the exception of a meal on Sunday, which cost me £20. I don't think that's all that bad a price because it's what I'd consider a higher class pub and it does the best Hunter's Chicken in the world. 

I also bought a couple of bits for an upcoming giveaway (which are yet to arrive) which came to around £7. Not the most expensive of giveaways but I do really like the products, and quite a few people sounded interested. My phone bill of a measly £10 came off last Friday, but that's something I don't really notice coming out of my account with it being such a small payment. However, I did slip up and buy a couple of bits from the Blog Of Shadows blog sale for £20. They are products that I think I'll get a lot of use out of though and I'm planning on hosting my own over the weekend to try and make up for it.

Although the MAC Archie's Girls collection was unveiled on the Selfridges website yesterday, I've been holding off as a) my boyfriend is planning on getting me the Veronica Face Powder and b) I get really really tight with money when it comes to delivery. Over £4 for standard shipping? Not likely. Especially when other brands offer better delivery times for free. So I'll be waiting for the collection to be released on the Debenhams website, where I can also get me some beauty points! 

Grand total of spendage this week = £57. 

Still not too bad I think, and it really does help that I get paid every Thursday so the money just returns to my account for another week, haha!


  1. Thats not too bad a week! Well done :)

  2. Well done! I plan on doing a spending ban through most of march and i really enjoy reading these posts. Hope you keep up the good work and resist temptation :)


  3. i can't bring myself to pay the stupid selfridges postage either! i'll wait! ur doing so good on ur spending ban! i'm not doing one as such... i'm just trying to use up some of my extreme stash and be more sensible. it's those bloody limited edition collections which i have a problem with tho! xxx

  4. Very well done on your ban!! You've got a will of steel!


  5. Well done you sound like your doing well! I hope I last just as long!

    F xx


  6. Sounds pretty good to me! I completely agree about expensive postage costs with some online retailers - if I can find a product with one that sends it to me for free, I'll always go with them instead, doesn't make sense otherwise! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves


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