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Over the past few months I've been dabbling in a bit of blog designing. I've been working with digital graphics since I was about 11 (remember good ol' Piczo?) and now that I have a feel of how long the process takes etc., I'm going to start charging for anyone who'd like a design.

The following rate includes installation, and if you do decide that you'd like a design (contact me at I will send out a list of questions in order for me to know exactly what you want. A few different designs will then be sent out for you to confirm which you like best and if you'd like any adjustments and once you've chosen what you want I will install the design on a test blog and invite you to view it.

Full Blog Design:
Includes blog header, background, post title backgrounds, header graphics, nav bar graphics, custom favicon, social media icons & blog button - £10.00

Please let me know if you'd like me to work on something for you, and any extra information required will be sent via email.

(For reference, all graphics etc. seen on PaintPotted were designed by myself)


  1. This is a great idea, I've always admired how your blog looks!
    I think I would definitely take you up on this once life settles down & I can get back into blogging!
    Good luck with your new venture xoxo

    1. Not a problem, let me know if you need anything! xx

  2. I might have to take you up on that in a few months... your blog looks great x

  3. This sounds great. I'd love to have some extra information.

    Paige x


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