DIY iPhone Cover + Free Printables!

I'll start this post off by mentioning that I don't own an iPhone. But I know that many of you do. I've been wanting to create some printables for a while now but wasn't sure on what to make until I stumbled across a post on Pinterest. I've only created 3 so far, but if you like them please let me know and I'll be happy to design some more!

Here's what you need to create your own iPhone case:-
*Print out of iPhone cover - you can download my designs here.
*Clear iPhone case - you can pick these up on eBay here.

Step One
Trim around the edge of your chosen design.

Step Two
Using your clear cover as a guide, trace the hole of the camera onto the design.

Step Three
Trim. To get you started, you can use a hole punch or pierce carefully with a pencil.

Step Four
Place the design into your cover and click onto your iPhone!

You can visit Jones Design Company to see images of how your finished design will look as well as download her printable case designs.

Easy as pie. Give me a shout if you give them a go!


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