A French Kiss

We're now half way through 2013 and I have surprised myself by staying away from Lush for pretty much the entire year! So I decided this had to change and I popped in, coming out with the French Kiss bubble bar. I've never tried this one before, it's not the most visually pleasing in my opinion and I'm not the greatest lavender fan. But it couldn't hurt to try it.

The first thing I'll mention about A French Kiss is that it reeks of lavender. It's very strong. I think maybe the scent was dulled down in store with all of the other products surrounding it, but I'm not a fan at all. Some people see lavender as relaxing and will probably love it, but I don't.

I got a decent amount of use out of this bubble bar, maybe four or five? Though I can't vouch for that as my dad used it more than I did! You get a great quantity of bubbles out of this, however. I always feel like there's something missing in a bath without bubbles and this does tick that box.

I wouldn't repurchase this bubble bar simply because of the scent, it's too overpowering for a scent I'm not a lover of. I am glad I've tried it though!

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  1. This sounds right up my alley, I love lavender and I like a really overpowering scent in my bath, haha I always find a lot of products too weak :D Thanks for sharing :) Just followed via Bloglovin' you have an amazing blog! :)x

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