All In The Golden Afternoon

With the virtually non-existent Summer we had last year the recent warm weather has been welcomed with open arms by pretty much everyone (although I don't appreciate it so much when I'm sat in a boiling office for 8 hours). On Tuesday I took these photos in Lewis' garden and I really like how they've turned out, they're so bright and colourful and encapsulate the sunshine nicely I think. I'm hoping the weather stays like this a little bit longer, but with England being so unpredictable who knows!


  1. Love your new blog layout AmY! Your picture in your sidebar is so cute :) You take such good pictures, I'm amazed! You really do have a talent for photography :)

  2. Gorgeous photos, Amy! Wish England was this sunny every day, everyone seems to be so much more cheerful than usual in Summer! x


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