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By now it seems like every man and his dog has tried the L'Oreal SkinPerfection Micellar water except for me (I'm a bit behind on the skincare times). It has been what appears to be a huge success so far, and they have now expanded their SkinPerfection range to include an array of products from moisturisers and serums to BB creams and primers.

The range is targeted at a younger audience of people in their 20's and 30's, where skin can be affected by stress, fatigue and an unbalanced lifestyle. This can cause imperfections on the skin, such as enlarged pores and an uneven skin texture. 

I've been using both the Day Cream and Advanced Correcting Serum in conjunction with each other for a few weeks now. The serum is applied before the moisturiser in order to give the skin an extra hydration hit. For me, the scent of the serum is a little overpowering. It does seem to be quite fragranced, so that's something to be wary of if your skin reacts to scented products. The day cream is nice and light, however those of you with skin on the drier side may want to invest in something slightly more heavy duty. 

Since using these I haven't noticed any dramatic differences in my skin, but it hasn't made my skin any worse either. I do think the serum is a bit on the expensive side as, while it does provide a little extra hydration, it doesn't do much else for me and I can't warrant spending £20 on it. The day cream on the other hand is something I would consider again. It's great to use before applying make up as it doesn't sit heavy on the skin but rather sinks in quickly, leaving behind a smooth base.

Have you tried anything from the SkinPerfection range? 


  1. I really need to try these. I'm more deflected towards L'Oreal nowadays than before. The jars look so pretty and almost like Touch of Pink by Lacoste.

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    1. I thought the packaging reminded me of something else but I couldn't for the life of me figure out what it was!

  2. I bought the day cream the other day because they were on offer and i am very excited to try it out. I am currently trying to finish my Origins moisturiser first before opening this brand new tub. Your review of it sounds great and i'm looking forward to using it soon!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and i hope you have a great Friday the 13th <3

  3. I'm really intrigued by this range! I like that it's targeted at a younger age range :)

    Catherine x | Brighton Girl

  4. I've been using the Micellar water for a few days and I don't really think it's that amazing!

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  5. I had my eye on these but I have super dry skin so maybe they wouldn't do much. Great review! xx

  6. I tried a sample of the serum last week and just didn't get on with it. i think the perfume/fragrance in it is too irritating for my skin :( x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves


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