Bedroom Bits #2

A few months ago I did a little bedroom accessories post and it was received quite well, so I thought I'd do another but focusing on the bed this time. My bedroom still has a little while to go before it's exactly how I want it, but it's getting there. I actually bought my bed last week, the IKEA Leirvik. It set me back £305 (including the mattress) but it's definitely a far cry better than the single bed I had before! For those wondering what the quality is like, it's very sturdy despite it's delicate appearance.

I bought the fairy lights around the headboard from Primark. They were only about £2-3 and are not the brightest, but they look pretty and add a bit of light during the darker nights.

The owl cushion is from Sass and Belle. I've had this for quite some time now and although it's eyes have been chewed to death (thanks to the ratties) I can't bear to get rid of it. They're around £16 but I'm sure you could find cheaper on Amazon or eBay. The heart cushion is another Primark buy and was only £3. It's detailed with a gorgeous rose pattern, and I'm now after the matching throw.

This is becoming a bit of a Primark centric post but I'm pretty sure my bedding was also from there. I don't think it's available anymore, but IKEA have a very similar one here. For reference, I tend to get all my bedding from Asda, Primark, Tesco or IKEA.

I'm planning on adding a dressing table into my room next, so if anyone has any recommendations I'd love to hear them!


  1. Your bedroom looks so gorgeous, love the bed frame. Everything is so delicate and pretty.


  2. I really like your bed, it's so amazing! And the owl pillow is so cute :3

  3. Your bedroom is so so pretty, mine is a disaster! The result of having a flat and then moving back into your parents! When I get my own place again I'll be taking some tips from you :)

  4. Love the fairy lights and the colours are so pretty :) x

  5. your bedroom is so cute i love the bed and can't believe them lights are from prim ark

  6. Your bed is lovely - looks very sweet & relaxing. I have fairy lights above my bed much to my husbands annoyance - but they look so pretty.
    Your Owl is cute too!

  7. Ah I'd love to give my bedroom a little revamp. The owl cushion is really cute. And I used to have a similar heart cushion but I found that it attracted too much dust so it had to go.

  8. Your bedroom is gorgeous love the owl cushion :)

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  9. Awh, your bedroom is so cute, and neat, and organized, and ugh, I'm jealous! I love that owl pillow :) I can't wait to get a new bed and just drown it in throw pillows :D

    - Jess
    The Mod Mermaid

  10. Your bed looks so girly and lovely. I really really want those fairy lights. Defo hunting them down in Primark when I'm next in! xxx

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