Butter London | Giddy Kipper

Given the size of my nail polish collection, I'm surprised I haven't explored Butter London too much. I bought a couple of their Lips & Tips kits from TK Maxx sometime last year and while the glosses were admittedly dreadful, the formula of the polishes were outstanding.

I was recently sent the shade Giddy Kipper from their Fall 2013 collection, which consists of six polishes. This is the only colour from the collection that I find rings true to the Autumn months; the others being in-your-face brights, with neon pinks, oranges, yellows and greens. 

Giddy Kipper is a beautifully pigmented indigo laced with shimmer. It looks beautiful in the bottle, and actually translates well onto the nails, unlike a few other shimmery polishes I've tried in the past. It takes two coats for opaqueness, and lasts a good 5-7 days with a top coat. 

Although Butter London polishes come in at a pricey £12, their quality justifies it. I'll definitely be picking up more in future!


  1. Love it - Butter London has some amazing shades :o). Xx


  2. this is such a lovely shade of blue! butter london polishes are so lush, i really need to pick some up! xx

  3. If the price wasn't so bank-defeating due to unemployment, these looks lovely to have in your nail polish collection!

  4. What a stunning color, I love it so much x

  5. Giddy Kipper is a gorgeous purple shade!


  6. Butter London have some great colours. This looks nice.
    Adela x



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