NARS At First Sight Palette

When I spotted this palette on ASOS for only £32 I instantly added it to my birthday wishlist. I've already spoken about my newly discovered obsession with NARS products, but the At First Sight palette takes it even further. It contains 6 of their best selling products, with a blusher, bronzer and four eyeshadows.

I've wanted to try Laguna for a while, but being a bronzer newbie I didn't want to splash out £25 to find out that I hated it. However, this really is as good as they say! It isn't overly orange and can be worn subtly or a bit heavier for a more bold look. 

I was glad to see Deep Throat in this palette, as I sold mine in a blog sale quite a while ago and regretted it. It's a universally flattering coral pink with gold shimmer, but it's not as over the top as it's sister blusher, Orgasm.

The four eyeshadows included are All About Eve; a neutral beige with shimmer, Bellissima; a matte taupe brown, Nouveau Monde; a metallic silver-lilac and Cordura; a deep brown with golden shimmer. They're all very versatile shades that can be played up or down to suit the look you're going for. Just as I've come to expect from NARS eyeshadows, the pigmentation is great and they work exceptionally well with the MAC 217. Worn over NYX Milk eye pencil they last 8+ hours before creasing or fading.

I'm really pleased with this palette, it's a great size and contains most of the products you need for a natural everyday look. For £32 I think it's a complete bargain!


  1. ahh! this palette is amazing!

    you should also try their concealer - heard so much about it ^^

    lovely post!

    Zara xx

  2. Stunning shades in this palette - very very pretty. I don't have any Nars eye shadows but this might just be my first :o). Xx

  3. So pretty! I'm awful at getting to counters before these kinda palettes sell out though. Hope it's still there come payday! x

  4. You look beautiful, absolutely stunning! The palette doesn't sound half bad either :) I really must open my one night stand!

    Love Kate xx

  5. Gorgeous palette and gorgeous photos! You are beautiful my dear!

    xx -b.

  6. I also got this palette! For that price you really have to don't you! Belissima is literally my favourite Nars eyeshadow for the crease. I'm also eyeing up the Voulez Vouz palette now, gaaaah!

  7. I want to try Laguna, like you were I'm a bit hesitant to try it for the fear of it looking muddy on me or orange, it sounds so good though :)
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  8. This is beautiful! Plus your makeup looks fab in this post!

    TwentySomethingBeauty | Twitter | Bloglovin

  9. This is gorgeous !
    I wish I could get my hands on it :)

  10. What a gorgeous palette. Your photos are beautiful x

  11. I'm very, very tempted to treat myself to this palette. I've wanted to try both laguna and deep throat so it just seems so perfect x

  12. hmmm at Asos... We don`t have Nars here in Slovenia, but if you say they sell it on Asos, I should check it out :).

    Erika Nagode


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