You Beauty Discovery Box | December 2013

I discovered this monthly subscription box a few days ago after receiving a (very) disappointing box from Birchbox. I haven't heard much about the You Beauty Discovery boxes, which is odd considering the hype around their beauty advent calendar. For only £6.95 a month you receive two products that you choose from a selection, along with a couple of other goodies thrown in.

I decided to subscribe, and chose the 10ml Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter and the 30ml Ancienne Ambiance Lavendula Bath and Body Oil. I also received a mini Green and Black's chocolate along with a sample of Flash by Jimmy Choo.

The Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter has been raved about endlessly in the blogging world, so I'm excited to give this a go. The full sized 50ml bottle retails for £33, making the 10ml sample worth £6.60. I think I'll be using this as a pre-makeup highlighter, applying it to my cheekbones, temples and nose to give the skin a healthy glow.

I've tried the bath salts from Ancienne Ambiance before with Latest in Beauty and loved them, so I thought I'd try out the bath and body oil. It's suitable for all skin types and is supposed to ease muscle pain, soothe headaches and diminish stress. I love bath products, so I think I'll be using this as a soak rather than a massage oil.

I've already had a sample of Jimmy Choo's Flash before but it's a gorgeous fruity floral and I'll definitely be using this up. I also love Green & Black's chocolate so as you can imagine that's already been scoffed. This box definitely feels more Christmassy than other subscription boxes available at the moment.

Have you tried the You Beauty Discovery Boxes? I'd definitely recommend subscribing, especially for the price! 


  1. OOO! loving the new blog theme!

    I am not subscribed to any beauty boxes but this one looks quite good :)

    lovely post!

    zara xx

  2. I got the balance me and it was so good :)

    Danniella x |

  3. This looks like a lovely little box and not overpriced either! x

  4. Good review! I´d love to try a box but it´s hard to choose which one since they´re so many :)

  5. This sounds SO much better than Birchbox at the moment… after our equally as disappointing boxes this month though I'd say anything would be a welcome change haha. I'd love to hear how you end up getting on with the becca product; like you said I always hear rave reviews so your input would be welcome as well!! :)


  6. I need to have a sniff of Jimmy Choo Flash. You make it sound deliciously divine - love fruity florals! Your blog is looking amazing (as usual of course)! :)

  7. Ooo I like that you can select some products and still get a surprise! Best of both worlds <3

  8. This is a great box and it's worth it just for the Becca item!

    Beth | BethBlogsBeauty

  9. These little boxes are great, I like how you can choose what the main two products are. Mini G&B looks good too! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  10. That price is really good, I'd really like to sign up to these as they'd be such a lovely thing to receive in the mail every month when I'm at Uni!

  11. I ordered the balance Me one as a Christmas present for my mum but I haven't tried any of their standard boxes. I do like the sound of this and I'd definitely consider trying them out in the future x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

  12. The Becca Shimmering Skin is gorgeous, I love using it as a highlighter!


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