1/3 Off French Pharmacy Products with Escentual & Two to Try

When I'm shopping for beauty products, 99% of the time I search the internet for various voucher codes and offers before buying. It's so much more satisfying when you find something you've been after at a fraction of the price. Last week, Escentual offered me the chance to try the Avene Soothing Hydrating Serum* from the French Pharmacy section of their website, which has 1/3 knocked off the price for the entire of March. Because I couldn't resist, I went and ordered the Vichy Dermablend Fluid Corrective Foundation too, and I'm more than pleased with both products. 

The Avene Soothing Hydrating Serum* is rich in Avene Thermal Spring Water and formulated for sensitive skin, which was right up my street. My skin often has irritating flare ups, and with a lot of skincare products intended to soothe I don't actually notice anything. This however I can feel calming the skin, and while I don't feel it hydrates instantly my dry patches on my forehead in particular have reduced in just a week. It's only early days with this but for now it's remaining in my daily routine.

I've heard many rave reviews about the Vichy Dermablend Fluid Corrective Foundation, but I was slightly apprehensive about ordering. The shade range is limited, and I'd read that 15 Opal had a tiny orange tinge that would be noticeable on paler skin. But there was the offer of medium-full coverage and the promise of evening out redness, so I took the plunge. This is hands down one of the best foundations I've tried yet. It has a light liquid consistency and blends seamlessly over the face without caking. On first application I was worried about how dark the foundation looked coming out of the tube but it's a pretty good match for my skin tone. It lasts my entire work day without the need for topping up. My only gripe is that I feel it could run out quite quickly, but I'll have to report back when I finish the tube.

You can find all of Escentual's French Pharmacy products for 1/3 off the price here. Let me know if you decide to place an order!


  1. I'm currently trying out this serum. I'm loving it so far!
    Gold Dust

  2. Looking forward to hear your thoughts on the Vichy Dermablend!

    Kat B | Katience

  3. I really need to try the Serum. I'm huge fan of Avéne and my skin as also been a little irritated so this might help.


  4. I definitely want to try the Vichy Dermablend foundation. I've heard some great things about it! xx
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  5. The Vichy Dermablend is something I've wanted to try! I hear it could be great as a spot concealer too for those who don't want to apply it all over the face.

  6. A third off is so good, I love French pharmacy products. Avene is my fav!



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