Disney World Diary | Day 6

After another late night the evening before, we started the morning off by taking a dip in one of the quiet pools just by our room. We never actually ventured over to the main pool during our holiday but we didn't mind all that much because we preferred the quietness.

Magic Kingdom was our park of choice (again) today because of the extra evening hours. We set off about 11:30 and headed straight over to Pinocchio's Village Haus Restaurant for some food. A recurring pattern, we got more food than we'd bargained for with two flatbreads, two frozen yoghurts and two frozen drinks, but we were really impressed!

We hung around Fantasyland after that, enjoying a few rides and a showing of Philharmagic before making our way back to Main Street for the Festival of Fantasy Parade. I can honestly say that waiting for (and during) this showing of the parade I have never been so uncomfortably hot in my life. Even the $17 misting fan didn't cool me down. To make matters worse, a little girl spilled her bottle of water behind me and I was left sitting in 34 degree heat with a wet backside. 

Although the parks were busy at this time of year, they never got to the point of being overly so and we still managed to do pretty much everything without a wait. One thing that Lewis wanted to try this trip was a turkey leg, so we made our way over to Liberty Square where he indulged.

Later that evening we had a dinner reservation at Be Our Guest. The experience was totally different to our FastPass+ lunch a few days prior. The room we were seated in was so much quieter and made for a really pleasant meal, and the decorative pieces were unbelievable. I had my first steak ever here, and it was fantastic. Lewis says the braised pork also deserves a notable mention. We were far too full for a dessert, so we passed on that and overall the meal came to about $100 including the tip. Really expensive, but worth it.

After watching another showing of Wishes, it was time for extra magic hours. I honestly could not believe how dead Magic Kingdom gets after closing. We never waited for a single ride during the extra couple of hours and everything looks beautiful lit up. I think we'll be indulging in more extra hours next time as we really didn't use them as much as we should have!


  1. your photos are amazing! i hope i can go to disney world too :))
    hope you had a magical time there! ^^)

    xoxo, rae

  2. I want to go to Disney World so baad!


    1. It's actually turned into a bit of an obsession since I've got back, I constantly want to be there! x

  3. Absolutely beautiful photographs, a real delight to read the post :) Looks absolutely incredible there, glad you had an amazing time. Though the heat doesn't sound too appealing! xx

    Hannah xo | hannatalks

    1. Thanks Hannah! The heat only got unbearable at around 3pm, but I actually feel like it's more stuffy over here when it's hot! xx

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post so much!! I had a bit of a moment with the heat when I was there too, almost passed out! Disney world is the absolute best (apart from the intense heat) x


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