One for Your Travels | UGOT, Newcastle

Next time you're travelling to or from Central Station in Newcastle, make UGOT the place to refuel. Many train stations have a lack of choice when it comes to food and drink, particularly if you have a dietary requirement. However UGOT provide a great selection of fresh & "free from" food such as salads, pasta pots, sandwiches & sweet treats.

We headed down there just over a week ago to sample what they had to offer. I opted for a pesto pasta pot with feta and sundried tomatoes, and a TDH (Tall, Dark & Handsome) smoothie to wash it down. Lewis opted for a chicken & cous cous sandwich with a hot chocolate. All were delicious and full of flavour, which is something that can often be compromised with cafes that sell healthier options. 

My favourite though was the gluten free banana and chocolate muffin. I tend to avoid muffins because I find them overly rich but this was perfect - soft and fluffy with a crispy top. It was a great end to our visit!


  1. I love little places like this, there are a couple at my local station and they definitely make refuelling on the go much more guilt free.

  2. Ooh this look lovely, and the gluten free muffin is a bonus!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  3. Ooh I'm hungry now! :) I like the sound of healthier "fast food"!

    Danniella x


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