Smokey Eyes with Yves Rocher


I'm no stranger to Yves Rocher products, having fallen in love with their Comfort Cream foundation around a year ago, and I was recently offered the chance to try out a range of their products that are perfect for an easy smoky eye.  

To begin any eye dramatic eye look that requires some staying power you'll need to begin with an eyelid primer. The Fixing Eyelid Primer is enriched with camellia oil, aiming to smooth the lid and fill out any fine lines. It has quite a different texture compared to the primers I normally use, and feels less wet and more matte once applied. 

The eyeshadow quads are pretty much made to create a smoky eye, containing a highlight, lid colour, crease colour and one for the outer corner or to use as a liner. There are six different quads to choose from, and I have the "Red Hot Brown" quad. They're not the most pigmented eyeshadows I've ever used, but they apply smoothly and have enough colour to create a warm brown smoky eye. Combined with the Fixing Eyelid Primer the shadows last all day.

For definition, the Intense Kajal liner is perfect. I have the black liner out of the shades available. It applies well on the waterline, and remains rich in colour. It also blends out really well, which is great for those who prefer the more "lived in" and smudgy eyeliner as opposed to a precise line.

Finally we have the Volume Vertige mascara. I have pretty straight eyelashes, and need to curl them pretty well for them to look halfway decent. The mascara I use plays an important role as well - it needs to hold the curl and define them without adding clumps. The plastic brush in this mascara definitely helps with this, giving the eyelashes an even coat. I like to use two coats for added definition.

In terms of price, Yves Rocher don't particularly come up budget. However, they almost always have an offer on. At the moment you can get between 37-50% off of the products above. You can find the full range of eye products here.

I'd love to know if you've tried anything from Yves Rocher before and what other products you would recommend!

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  1. I love the palette here! There is nothing better that a brown smokey eye to me.


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