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I'll readily admit that I'm a bit of a pain when it comes to jewellery. I tend to prefer simple pieces that can be worn everyday as opposed to anything loud and busy. So when I was recently offered the chance to review an item from Jewel Street, I spent a good few hours flicking through the website to find something I really loved.

I eventually settled on these Triple Daisy Stud Earrings by Clojo Jewellery. Clojo Jewellery are a family business based in the Highlands of Scotland, and their range has been designed around their love of nature, flowers and whimsy, to reflect them as a family. The earrings are made with sterling silver and feature a gold centre, and at £40.00 I feel like they fall into a nice price bracket. While I have nothing against cheap earrings, I don't like that the nickel inside of them turns my ears green, so I tend to avoid them.

I love how simple and pretty they look when they're worn, and they go well with any outfit. Another piece of jewellery I loved the look of was this rose gold acorn bracelet from Elements Silver. It's so beautiful!

The range of products and designers on the Jewel Street website is astonishing, and you really can spend hours browsing. They have something for everyone, whether you want cheap and cheerful or something a bit more luxurious.


  1. I favour simple pieces too <3 Lovely photo btw!

  2. They look lovely!! xxx


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