Debenhams Flowers


A few weeks ago I was contacted by Debenhams, offering me the chance to review one of their bouquets from their summer collection. I love having flowers in my room, whether they're real or fake, so I jumped at the chance.

I opted for the Summer Meadows bouquet, featuring peach roses and stocks. I was asked to choose a date for delivery, an opted for 22nd May, which was their next day delivery service. They were boxed, and inside they were packaged in pink paper and a bow. It was a shame to destroy it really, they looked beautiful!

I placed them into a vase along with the plant food and they lasted a good week before the roses started to look a bit sad. I wasn't really surprised by this though, as roses typically don't last long once they've been cut.

If you're looking for a gift for someone special or even looking to treat yourself, I'd highly recommend the delivery service. There are some stunning arrangements on the website, and I particularly love how vibrant the Citrus bouquet is from the birthday flowers range. You can get 25% off any bouquet excluding the ones in the "Flowers by Post" range using the code "DFBLOG25."


  1. I just love these! Gorgeous photos too, so pretty xx

  2. I chose these ones too, they are so so pretty, loved them so much! xx

  3. they're such a pretty colour! x

  4. They are so gorgeous. I am such a flower hoarder, I buy them so regularly so it's nice to have a discount x


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