Dermalogica Active Moist | Review


After spending a few months of attempting various moisturisers that just weren't suitable for my skin and suffering the consequences, I was relieved to receive one of Dermalogica's bestsellers - Active Moist. While combination skin is a common occurrence, it's often frustrating when you buy a moisturiser and it doesn't hydrate enough, or has you resembling an oil slick. 

Active Moist seems to provide the perfect balance for hydration, and is formulated for acne prone skin. It sinks in almost instantly and doesn't feel tacky on the surface, making it a great morning moisturiser prior to makeup application.

It has a slightly medicinal fragrance, however I find this easy to ignore when looking at the other positives of the product. It might not be great for those with a lower budget for their skincare however, retailing usually at £31.00 at Pure Beauty for the 50ml tube. They do often have discounts though, making them a great option for stocking up.

I have been using this for a good couple of months now and have really felt the benefits. I would certainly recommend for those with combination skin!


  1. I used this for years & years but decided to try other moisturisers when my latest tube ran out. I just can't find anything that is quite as good & lasts as long as this does. It's brilliant on combination skin. A repurchase might be on the cards xx

  2. This was always the staple moisturiser in my pro kit, it's such a beautiful prefect that really works x


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